What’s the best way to get into crypto without investing a dime? How can I earn crypto without any money to invest? Questions we are often asked. Our reply is always the same. Do you have an hour or two a day and patience to earn crypto?

Peristance and Patience

Any business is an investment in time and money. Crypto investing is no different. It takes money to make money. But what if you’re broke? There is a way. If you have what it takes, that is.

Meet Bucksify – a website that distributes small amounts of cryptocurrencies as compensation for completing easy tasks.

Persistence is needed as the more you do on the platform, the more rewarding it becomes.

Patience, because in the beginning, until you climb the ladder, earnings are small and slow.

But you begin earning instantly and those coins you invest have been going up 5,10, 20 x’s in value, in the past year alone.

Crypto that was worth just $5.00 last year, is worth hundreds today and in Doge or Shiba’s case, $1,000’s

OK, I’m In, How Do I Start?

Before jumping in, take a few moments to read this page. It will make a successful start much easier. So how do

Bucksify‘s main earning method is through the offerwalls that they continually add. Currently, there are a total of 19 offerwalls that allow you to earn BTX, which you can later convert into crypto. More details on exactly how this will be accomplished will be explained further in the next section. 

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The site features a full-level system that will make your earning potential much greater for each new level, including higher offerwall payouts and more rewards via the daily and hourly payout faucets.

Beginners, hang in there. Every time you go up one level, called “leveling up” earnings as well level become easier and more frequent. 

For example:

When you start this program, you are on Level One. You earn face value for each survey you complete. Reach level 5, and that adds 0.8% on top of that, reaching Level 15 adds 3.55% to all that you earn, Level 25 adds 7.3%, Level 50 adds 21.05%, 75 + 41.05%, 80 + 45.8% and 85 is + 50.8% etc etc etc. Our writers that use the platform reached on average level 50 in the first 20 days. Once Level 45 was reached, they were cashing out daily.

 Offerwall  Paid 166 BXT 66.0% bonus2 minutesTheoremReach
 Hourly Gift 41 BXT12 minutes
 Quest Reward 2000 BXT1 hour, 13 minutesEarn 20000 BXT
 Quest Reward 200 BXT1 hour, 13 minutesComplete 10 Surveys / Offers
 Offerwall  Paid 2193 BXT 66.14% bonus1 hour, 13 minutesTheoremReach
A recent example from one of our Level 99 Urban Miners

Quest System

You will also find a full quest system in Bucksify that will reward you with more BTX and XP every day as you complete daily quests and levels.


The Bucksify leaderboard will also reward the most active users with more BTX on a frequent basis, so the more you earn, the more you will advance and be rewarded by Bucksify.

Withdrawing Crypto or Giftcards

In Bucksify, you can withdraw your earnings in 8 different cryptocurrencies, or you can go to the gift card section for a wide range of gift cards that are available from different companies. This is one of the few sites that offer gift cards as a method of withdrawal. If you would prefer another method, you can withdraw your earnings in BTC, LTC, DOGE, DGB, ETH, TRX, ZEC, and Dash.

Are you ready to get started? 

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What is Bucksify?

Bucksify is a premium crypto earning platform. You can earn unlimited free cryptocurrency by completing tasks like filling surveys, installing apps, signing up on websites, quizzes, videos, and much more. Bucksify is packed with lots of features and rewards. You can level up on the website and upgrade all your rewards. You also get daily gifts, loyalty rewards, etc. which all increases with every level, and there’s much to discover on Bucksify.

Is Bucksify legitimate or scam?

Bucksify is a completely legitimate website, paying more than hundreds of dollars to users every day. You can check out our payment proof on TrustPilot. We do not have any advertisements, popups, or anything that puts your computer at risk of malware.

Is Bucksify safe to use?

Bucksify is completely safe to use. We don’t have any popups or malware advertisements. We do not ask for any passwords or private keys.

How does Bucksify make money?

Bucksify has partnered with certain brands that pay us a small commission in return for showing advertisements, surveys, etc.

What are ‘Offerwalls’?

Offerwalls are 3rd party services that pay you for doing tasks such as filling out surveys, installing apps, signing up for services, watching videos, and much more. Bucksify has partnered with multiple offerwall providers so that you have access to unlimited tasks.