The Urban Mine

Empowering Las Vegas with E-Waste

Cash Rain: Get in on the Ground Floor. It’s the Future of Cryptocurrency and Social Media

Kim Dotcom is Backkkkk! And this time he’s both merged Crytpo and Social Media together, he’s also revolutionizing them. It’s Finally here – A Free Platform to give back to your Community and Followers! What is Cashrain? Cashrain is a platform where creators create communities for their members. People can send Bitcoin Cash (BCH) “rain” […]

Geomining with COIN: What is it?

XYO Smartphone Mining XYO Network The XYO network permits users to convert their smartphones into a node using trackable, monitored, immutable blockchain and verification technology embedded through their partner app, “COIN”. The hassle of investing in a cryptocurrency miner or transforming individual currency on an exchange FINALLY has a solution. Users can now apply their […]

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